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• Customize your own MES infrared heating panels


MES Customized Painting Heating Panel turns your heater into artwork. Opt for one of our designs or choose your own.

Imagine a wall-mounted heating panel with a company logo or a picture of the family.

Not just functional but an attractive part of the furniture.,and this cuntomized heating panel is just YOURS.


• How to customize your own MES heatings


1. Select a picture from part of our picture gallery

   Contact us and resquest for more pictures

2. Have a better choice?

   Contact us and Provide your own pictures.

   Wedding photos, personal photos, photography works,blackboard graffiti and company logo. ect

   Any HD(At least 300dpi) picture can be printed on your heating panels.




3. Select surface materials: PET / Aluminium / Glass, request for a quote

4. Feel completely relieved to leave the rest to us


• Good news! Now MES is in cooperation with a photography art studio, we can provide more real original photos for your choice.




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